NOUVEAU LASHES EXTEND; PROFESSIONALLY APPLIED LASH EXTENSIONS GIVING YOU THE APPEARANCE OF FULLER, THICKER LOOKING LASHES WITH ADDED VOLUME. Our lash extensions have been developed to the highest standards, combining softness with durability and strength. They are beautifully curled and tapered to imitate natural lashes leaving you with a flawless look and our technicians use our specially developed, latex free lash adhesive to give you the best result and most comfortable treatment experience.

Nouveau Lashes:

Price £50.00

Top up: £25/£35


LVL Lashes

LVL is a permanent lash treatment to enhance and add length, volume and lift to natural eyelashes with no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara. LVL is one of the quickest ways to brighten and lift your entire face

LVL Treatment:

Price: £45.00

Express Treatment

Price: £15.00