Nails, Hands & Feet

NAIL EXTENSIONS – Price: £40.00

Thin strong, flexible and natural looking with no damage to your nails.

Gel Overlays – Price: £30.00

Applied over the natural nail for strength.

Gel nail refills – Price: £30.00

Nail Repair – Price: £5.00

Nail BuffPrice: £6.00

MANICURES Price: £25.00

Deluxe Nailtiques manicure designed to cultivate the natural nail with heated mitts

Deluxe with Paraffin Wax – Price: £30.00

File & Paint – Price: £10.00

French Polish – Price: £12.00

Mini Manicure – Price: £12.00

Nail Art – Price: £5.00

Pedicures – Price: £35.00

Removal of hard skin using exfoliant foot mask,moisturises to soothe tired aching feet followed by a foot and leg massage with heated mitts.

Deluxe with paraffin: £40.00



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