Nails, Hands & Feet

NAIL EXTENSIONS – Price: £40.00

Thin strong, flexible and natural looking with no damage to your nails.

Gel Polish – Price £23.00

Removal – Price £7.00

Gel Overlays – Price: £30.00

Applied over the natural nail for strength.

Gel nail refills – Price: £30.00

Nail Repair – Price: £5.00

Nail BuffPrice: £6.00

MANICURES Price: £25.00

Deluxe Nailtiques manicure designed to cultivate the natural nail with heated mitts

Deluxe with Paraffin Wax – Price: £30.00

File & Paint – Price: £10.00

French Polish – Price: £12.00

Mini Manicure – Price: £12.00

Nail Art – Price: £5.00

Pedicures – Price: £35.00

Removal of hard skin using exfoliant foot mask,moisturises to soothe tired aching feet followed by a foot and leg massage with heated mitts.

Deluxe with paraffin: £40.00

BIAB & GelBottle

This Introducing BIAB – builder in a bottle – game changing. This is a flexible, strong builder gel in a range of natural colours. The BIAB is designed for naturally weak nails to help strengthen and grow the nails.

The GelBottle offers an array of over 400 unique colours. They are highly pigmented, chip resistant and offer extremely long lasting shine. custom heading element

BIAB overlays
£30.00 ( 60 mins )

BIAB infills
£30.00 ( 60 mins )



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